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Product Information
Retirement Plans HDFC Life New Immediate Annuity Plan
HDFC Life New Immediate Annuity Plan is a non linked traditional annuity plan that offers you various annuity options and provides you an opportunity to live life at on your terms even after retirement.


  • Guaranteed income for as long as you/your partner lives
  • Wide range of annuity options to cater to your diverse needs
  • Flexibility to choose frequency of annuity from monthly/quarterly/half-yearly/annual options


  • Guaranteed income for as long as you/your partner lives at a frequency of your choice - monthly/quarterly/half-yearly/annual options
  • Benefit from higher annuity rates at investment of Rs 2,50,000 or higher
  • Death benefit on certain annuity options that provide for return of purchase price or annuity to your spouse
Min-Max entry age 30-85 years
Min-Max yearly annuity payout Rs. 10,000 - No limit
Min-Max half yearly annuity payout Rs. 5,000 - No limit
Min-Max quarterly annuity payout Rs. 3,000 - No limit
Min-Max monthly annuity payout Rs. 1,000 - No limit